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November 26, 2020 3 min read


La Spinetta is one of Nosetta's favorite wine producers; based in Asti and active since the early 60’s, the family business became soon one of the most prestigious wineries in the world, thanks to an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit and an award-winning wine list.

On the occasion of the Christmas Holidays, we had the privilege of chatting with the elegant Marketing Director Manuela, member of the Rivetti’s family and good friend of Nosetta.

Among our intentions, of course, to discover and make you discover the unmissable wines on our tables, the perfect ones to give and enjoy, waiting for the New Year.

- Hello Manuela, can you tell us something about yourself?

I am a sportswoman, in love with open spaces and nature. Wine and vineyards have been flowing in my DNA for a century now (and good blood doesn't lie…).

My genetic passion and a degree in business administration allowed me to fulfill a beautiful dream: to transmit and promote the art of wine around the world.

When I am not working I love to dedicate myself to reading and visiting museums and exhibitions, activities that I miss very much at the moment.

- La Spinetta is ...

LA SPINETTA is a work of love, humility, respect. A centuries-old tradition, started by my grandparents, and pursued by us, every day with enthusiasm.

- Do you have a life motto?

This quote from Pasolini always makes me think:

"What is the real victory, to clap hands or to beat the hearts?”

- And your favorite quote about wine?

A quote attributed to Napoleon:

“I cannot live without champagne. In victory I deserve it, and in defeat I need it”

- What is the most exciting part of working in one of the most prestigious wine producer companies?

Having the opportunity to share the passion for wine (and for our wines!) with people from all over the world.

I grew up with the company and I know how hard my family has worked and continues to work to achieve great results.

From them I learned that it is not just a matter of making wine, but also of respecting nature and tradition, keeping an eye on the future.

And then… I always find incredible to meet people who love our wines as much as we do!


- Which is your favorite?

I am a wine lover at 360 degrees and I amopen to all qualities… there are many wine regions in the world and I am motivated to discover them all!

My favorite, however, will always be Barbaresco, its elegance and complexity are pure poetry. 

- The hardest part of the job as a female executive in the wine sector?

I believe that every company challenges you every day and that most of the time the challenge is with yourself.

Since the winery belongs to my family, I must admit of being in a privileged position; however, I have been working hard to prove that as a young woman I could be equal, if not more qualified than men.

Our business was traditionally male-dominated and I am very proud that highly talented women have changed the situation!

- Would you like to give us a preview of your future plans?

We will soon launch a project in Tuscany, called "La Spinetta nel Borgo"; it foresees the opening of a farmhouse with apartments, restaurant and a Spa in the medieval village of Casanova (right there where in 2001 we started producing wine!)

- What fashion tips would you give to be stylish and serious at the same time in the workplace?

I am very passionate about fashion and I always choose carefully what to wear. My advice is:

never look shabby, you never know what is going to happen in the space of a day!

- Now you can tell us ... what is your favorite Nosetta?

Absolutely the Carlotta in Cotton Tweed, of Salt and Pepper color … with it was love at first sight!


- Last question ... the right wine for these Holidays 2020… to give or to drink during the lockdown?

I believe that (staying in Italy) there are at least three ideal types of wine!

It cannot be missing a classic method, which is always synonymous with celebration and joy and the Alta Langa would be perfect.

A great red wine like Barbaresco, Barolo, Sangiovese, Aglianico del Vulture, there is plenty of choice ...

And then well, it's not Christmas without Moscato d'Asti!






November 21, 2020 6 min read

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