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July 28, 2022 2 min read

The textile activity of the territory of Como has a thousand-year history. Numerous archaeological finds, such as fragments of fabric, loom tools, and rock carvings, show that the art of weaving in Como has developed since prehistoric times.

Como area was appreciated in Europe as early as the 1300s for its wool fabrics, but its fame as an excellence in the production of prestigious yarns began to spread from the early 1400s. At that time the Silk Road connected the most varied cities and cultures east to west, so this way the city of Como, one of its western terminus, discovered a new light, elegant and shiny fabric from China: silk.

Tintoria Pessina Como Lake 1900

Tintoria Pessina archive - first half of the 1900s

The lake offered the favorable climate and the waterways necessary for the cultivation of the mulberry, which serves as nourishment for silkworms. In a short time hundreds of silk workshops and thousands of artisans, and expert weavers were born, and in the 1800s they converted their family businesses into modern industrial workshops. Industrialization and the use of machinery allowed these families to refine their production techniques, however, life in the spinning mills was extremely hard. The workers were mainly women and girls, who worked all day with their hands immersed in boiling water, which caused painful reactions to the skin. The use of boiling water was necessary to provide quality yarn, and it was maintained until beyond the mid-1900s.

Archivio Clerici tessile tessuto setificio
Clerici Tessuto & C. S.p.A archive

To date, Como produces 80% of the European silk and 95% of the Italian one. The prestige of Como silk is mainly due to the quality of the manufacturing, which maintains the precision and accuracy of tradition even in modern times. Since 1900 various artists and designers have contributed to making the designs of Como silks famous all over the world. The yarns have become works of art.

nosetta lago di como margherita crossbody tracolla cottontweed

 Nosetta Crossbody bag with Limonta Fabric

Later Como textile companies expanded their production, also including other refined fabrics such as satin, organza, brocade, and chiffon. The major international fashion brands choose Como weavers for their experience and the care of the product: Ratti, Mantero, Limonta, Clerici, and Dedar are some of the companies that have been operating in the Como textile industry for generations.

archivio tessile Mantero Como lago chanel
Mantero Seta S.p.A archive

In the products of small family-run companies from Como, you can read a centuries-long story that, through the union of tradition and innovation, continues to live and evolve.

Nosetta has chosen to promote this tradition by selecting luxury fabrics, produced responsibly, and by offering them directly to the customer in the typical style of the Italian Bella Vita.


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