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We, at NOSETTA, are lovers of beautiful things that are made to last. The beauty of the lake, timeless style, exceptional quality, precious moments ...


We are inspired by the lifestyle of Lake Como, traditional but modern and global, exclusive but local.

Nosetta is not just our brand, it is our philosophy and the name of a hidden neighborhood in the city of Como. Narrow cobbled streets, centuries-old woods, a nineteenth-century villa and the secret and secluded atmosphere of a village away from the crowds, which remains preserved in the memories of those who visit it.


Our mission is ambitious: to offer a light and functional product that lasts; a refined style that is both casual, yet meets the needs of everyday life: attentive to seasonal trends, but even more to living well and to a socio-environmental awareness.

The choice to source materials from Como is not just one of passion. We believe it is our responsibility to promote and preserve a centuries-old tradition of silk, satin and fabrics from our territory. These materials are innovative, sustainable and produced by world renowned, historical producers; creating allure from the catwalks around the world to the final consumer


"Nosetta is a love story about Italy and fashion that began over twenty years ago with a one-way ticket to New York (and still in progress ...)."

Nosetta was launched in 2018, inspired by the charm of Italy, a country that has always been of great fascination for the American founder Clare O’Connell and the place she has adopted as her home. The affinity for beautiful things was perhaps destiny. "My mother, even as the mother of 8 children, was elegant at all times, sparkling in the evening dresses that she wore to the dinner balls in the 1950's."

The idea to create the brand grew gradually and spontaneously, thanks to experiences gained within top luxury houses and from the meeting with her husband and partner Marco Porcellana. Marco comes from a family of Italian entrepreneurs with a centennial tradition; his commercial and managerial skills applied with enthusiasm in Nosetta compliment and enrich Clare's product expertise.

Together they share a daughter named Carolina, an MBA from Bocconi and a passion for “slow-living” on Lake Como.

” When you write a love story, let it be set among the banks of the Como Lake…” (FRANZ LISZT)