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December 04, 2020 3 min read


"We dream of a world where stylists and designers collaborate with us,

Making their brands pure, colorful and full of life ...

... a world in which each fabric is gently pampered by our creativity,

through our brush".

This is the Mission (charmer) of the Ferrario Sisters who, with their all-female team, run the Ferrario Lab, a laboratory specialized in textile, digital design and “handmade” painting.

We interviewed them to learn more about their project!


- Hello girls, can you tell us a little more about yourself, do you have a slogan that represents you?

Absolutely yes (choral answer, ed.)for us "sharing means multiply!" We are a team of only girls very close and in tune with each other. This, above all, is our strength.

- How did your #FerrarioLab start?

Our original activity was fabric design, which started in the ‘80s. With the advancement of the textile crisis (in the following decade, ed.)drawings and prints were no longer in demand, so we started painting directly on clothing and accessories, activities that we have been carrying out (happily!) since the early 2000s.

- What are the most exciting aspects of your job?

Over the years we have had many Masters and this is our great fortune: being able to collaborate with numerous stylists who enrich us both from an artistic and a human point of view. We are proud to have brands such as Moncler, Off White and Palm Angels among our partners.


- What do you like to do (usually) outside of the working hours?

When we are not working we love to take walks in the mountains or on the lake. There is nothing better than contact with nature to "unplug" and find some comfort.

- Let's talk about Made in Italy and the concept of Sustainability. How important are they in your business?

Having to paint directly on formed accessories and clothing, it is of fundamental importance that our dyes be ecological and extremely safe. We have always been consulting expert technicians from a famous local company (Made in Como!).



- What are three essential characteristics that you think modern women entrepreneurs should have? What advice would you give?

The difficulty of being women and entrepreneurs is real as well as the need to reconcile work with family.

In every activity there will always be obstacles to overcome; our advice is to ease tensions with constant dialogue and confrontation.

- Now we want to know what is your favourite fashion accessory! And (obviously) your NOSETTA of the heart.

The fashion accessory that we all prefer is undoubtedly the bag! In fact, we welcomed the collaboration with NOSETTA with a great enthusiasm. All the items of the brand are treated in detail, as well as the materials. And they have truly elegant lines. Difficult to choose just one style… let's do two!

The “Margherita” crossbody and the shopper “Carlotta”.


- Thank you very much for your availability! Can we ask you one last tip (from a creative team!) …how to overcome this new lockdown?

For us, the most effective medicine is to always keep our hands busy! Creativity never abandons us ... but after a working day the brush must be laid (they laugh, ed). Only one of us delights herself in making (beautiful) tromp d'oeil within the walls of her house. Between the rest of us we have cooks, expert green thumbs and avid readers!

- Discover our Customization Service #MonogramMe in collaboration with Ferrario Lab!




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