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September 09, 2023 1 min read

Nosetta is pleased to announce the "Naturalis Historia Pubblicitaria" exhibition presenting an evocative collection of advertising messages adorned with animal illustrations in collaboration with the Paola Mazza Historical Advertising Archive, one of Italy's largest collections.

nosetta lake como poster

Poster silkworms Sbroiavacca 1900 circa

This exclusive event will take place at our Como store and will be part of the off-festival during the prestigious Lake Como Design Festival, a celebration inspired by Pliny the Elder's Naturalis Historia. The Festival pays tribute to Pliny the Elder's quest for knowledge and appreciation of the wonders of the world.

nosetta poster pubblicità campari

Poster Campari Boschini 1928

The intersection of art, design and natural history is a fascinating weave that has crept through the pages of human creativity. In the advertisements, visitors will embark on an entertaining intellectual journey exploring the parallel evolution of animals from the early 1900s to the rise of television, from symbols and metaphors of human qualities to more complex beings such as friends and companions, admiring the creativity of iconic designers, including the brilliant works of Marcello Dudovich, Alfredo Busi, Armando Testa, etc.

nosetta lago di como poster dentifricio odol 

Poster Toothpaste Odol Duse 1942

Discovering the eternal attraction of animals in advertisements, beautifully brought to life by the creativity of famous illustrations in an environment driven by the ethos of Lake Como textiles, becomes a sustainable and responsible tribute to the beauty of nature.


Margherita Denim Cuoio - Recommended bag for every exhibition. 



Nosetta Store | Via Vitani 19, Como (CO)

September 16-24 2023 | h: 10.00-19.00


For more information on the Lake Como Design Festival


48 Hours in Florence: Unveiling the Tuscan Treasure
48 Hours in Florence: Unveiling the Tuscan Treasure

May 30, 2024 3 min read

Florence's art and energy seduced us on a quick weekend escape. Palazzo Pitti's masterpieces and Boboli's gardens started the whirl. 
Day two unveiled hidden gems. Piazza della Signoria's iconic art and the serenity of Museo San Marco's frescoes left us breathless. The Mercato Centrale's vibrant chaos and Santa Croce's somber beauty offered contrasting experiences.
A Tuscan Trattoria fare fueled our climb to the Duomo's dome for a final, unforgettable vista. Florence, a captivating blend of art, history, and culture, stole a piece of our hearts. All we needed with us was our Este Backpack in denim with a matching clutchbag.
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Big Apple Takes Notice: Nosetta Becomes a Case Study for NYU Stern!
Big Apple Takes Notice: Nosetta Becomes a Case Study for NYU Stern!

May 20, 2024 2 min read

Nosetta, a responsible luxury handbag brand, is proud to be a case study for NYU Stern's Next Gen Fashion course. This recognition highlights Nosetta's commitment to ethical practices and using the finest Italian materials. The student's recommendations for experiential marketing and leveraging unique materials further strengthen Nosetta's position as a leader in responsible fashion.
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March 20, 2024 2 min read

The denim wallets collection boasts water-repellent fabric for everyday protection and a vegetable-tanned leather interior for a touch of luxury and durability. Combining a classic denim aesthetic with a convenient size, these wallets are perfect for any occasion. Crafted with premium materials and inspired by Lake Como's heritage, Nosetta's denim wallets embody timeless style and relaxed elegance. True quiet luxury.
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