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July 06, 2021 3 min read

Olympic games were postponed for a year but we are ready for some good competitions and above all to cheer for the Italian athletes. [Sorry International friends. We hope you understand. ;-) ]

In Nosetta we love challenges. When our friend and coach Fabrizio Marello told us about one of his great Italian athletes who had just qualified for Tokyo2020, recovering many positions in the ranking, we wanted to interview her.

Alice Sotero is a pentathlete, historical and prestigious sport [fencing, freestyle swimming (200 m), equestrian show jumping (15 jumps), and a final combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running (3200 m).] 7th place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, she is now returning from a very promising result at the Cairo World Championships in early June. 

alice sotero pentahlon rio 2016 nosetta accessori

• How are you?
The preparation is going very well. We are at the end of a 5-year program (Olympic quadrennial +1) planned with my main coach Fabrizio Marello.
Getting the qualification for Tokyo is a great satisfaction after it was very complicated will a couple of months ago. Now we are focused on the final result.

• Did the pandemic damaged your preparation?
The planning was actually quite easy but for the swimming pool with long trips to find one open.

alice sotero lago maggiore

• With what objectives will you present yourself in Japan at the starting line?
I do not have defined a specific result. In our sport there are so many variables: horses are drawn randomly, fencing has a 1 single hit [one-touch épée], .. I want to do the best possible and come back home satisfied.
In reality, I would like to improve the place in Rio. [We love her sincerity]

• When and why did you start practicing this sport?
I started with swimming at a very young age. Then I got a little tired from the mediocre results. Instead of quitting my coaches suggested pentathlon and I immediately got good results at international youth level and I continued from there ... and here I am.

alice sotero pentahlon rio 2016 nosetta accessori horse jumping

• What is sport for you?
Since she was a child she has been an integral part of life. I've always wanted to win. Now it's also work, competing for the Blue Flames [an Italian Police team], but I like it very much because I live it with goals.

• Your personal challenge makes all of us women proud. True? Apart from being an elite athlete, you are achieving better results than your partner, Nicola Benedetti.
[Alice smiles] It's not really competition with him. I have been together with Nicola since his 2008 London Olympics. He has been pushing me towards great results and in fact I have reached the two Olympics like him but with a better position.

alice sotero pentahlon rio 2016 nosetta accessori nicola benedetti

• What are your emotions in the race and how do you prepare yourself?
In the last 3 years I have been following a path of mental preparation with a sports psychologist from Turin of the SFERACoaching team of Prof. Vercelli. [one of the best known sports psychologists in Italy who followed from Juventus to the national ski team]. We work on various strengths, energy, rhythm, activation, .. The essential elements for performance.

• What is fashion for you? Do you follow it?
Going out a little I have no way to follow it a lot but when I am invited to events I want to properly dressed. Shopping is a leisure.
I usually follow Instagram and find some outfits that are suitable for me.

alice sotero pentatleta nosetta tracolla cotton tweed blu

• Your favorite Nosetta?
Being a girl who travels often and always on the move between gyms, riding stables and swimming pools, I love crossbody bags because they hold all the essentials (passport, mobile phone, various keys, ...) and leave my hands free.

It was really a pleasure to meet you. Our friend and your coach Fabrizio was right about you. A young woman who is driven to the final result and never particularly bothered by difficulties.   

Nosetta and friends will follow your adventures in Japan and support you during the competitions wishing you the best.

To follow Alice and her journey on Instagram (click here)




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