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June 12, 2021 2 min read

During one exhibition at the only modern art gallery in Como, Galleria Ramo, we had the chance to meet one exhibiting artist, Hyun Cho.
One of her pieces caught our eye and from there we started talking with Hyun.

That neon light work was a commercial message: “Up to 200% off”. In a world that is finally criticizing extreme consumism, fast fashion, waste, .. that work is absolutely a statement. 

She is from Korea but with International studies in the USA, Australia, Turkey and Italy. We knew she highly rated in the art community and just a few days after our interview she was mentioned by the main Italian financial newspaper Il sole 24ore as one of the emerging artist from her country.   

Since Nosetta loves art and design it a was a pleasure to discover more about her.

Hello Hyun, how are you ?
I'm feeling crucial, as something stronger than important - urgent. 

[Hyun is quite humble but has a very dynamic personality that is always showing in her art and in her gestures and thoughts. - Ed.]

hyun cho korean artist nosetta como galleria ramo

At first why did you become an artist ?
I've had a lot of love for art since I was a kid. It was a crucial decision in order to express myself. For me, being an artist means discovering something. Through my practices I want to take risks and my works to have the expression of my cultural mix.

What do you like of your activity ?
Catching up with the super funky and sporty images on the streets. Always love to see skaters run on the cities.

nosetta como hyun cho korean artist galleria ramo

What is the message of your art in general ?
Freedom. I'm constantly mixing, editing and rearranging things. I want to create artworks that articulate my sensations and transform them in my own version. I recompose images from the streets, my childhood infatuation with Pop Art, and my interest in found objects, appropriation, language, and lyricism.

And definitely please tell us more about “Up to 200% off”.
Nothing is free! The idea of phrase "Up To 200% Off" is about nonsense. This phrase started my play with the freedom of language. People are free to think whatever they want with this phrase. I don't want to force anyone to think the same.
I take the advertising appeals of neon signs. I love how they are desirable. Make me want. Neon lights put me in the place where my mind and memory want to be and I'm fascinated by these psychological reactions.

hyun cho korean artist nosetta como minimalism art

What is fashion for you ?
90s Red Hot Chilli Peppers! Fashion is the expression of individuality. I’ve always been a fan of their music and they have everything what I like... unique, funky and energetic. I love their natural hardcoreness.

Last mandatory question: Your favorite Nosetta ?
Denim and leather bags. They express the street vibe with a natural combination. 

nosetta como hyun cho korean artist denim bag

We really loved meeting this brilliant young girl and wish her best for her career. 

For any information on her art, pls contact




November 10, 2022 2 min read

Refined and elegant fabric that never goes out of style. The two-tone pattern of the pied-de-poule is based on the repetition of broken and elongated squares that create a strong optical effect, combining two parts of different colors. 

Created by sheperds, became famous with royalty. 

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Nosetta x Lake Como Design Festival 2022: the journey of an oversize clutchbag.
Nosetta x Lake Como Design Festival 2022: the journey of an oversize clutchbag.

September 12, 2022 1 min read

We can finally announce Nosetta's collaboration with Lake Como Design Festival, which led to the creation of a brand new limited edition clutch bag.

This year's theme is neo-nomadism, that's why we decided to make a clutch bag, an accessory for a modern "unstable" traveller, created to contain the essential elements of their world, both physical and digital.

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August 05, 2022 2 min read

Nosetta's mission is to offer a refined, functional and, above all, long lasting product.

Our socio-environmental responsibility is displayed in the production and the choice of raw materials. Our motto is "quality, not quantity", in fact our collections last all year round, we produce in small quantities and we do not stimulate unbridled purchases.

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