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June 04, 2021 1 min read

We are proud to present the Este backpack: a modern shape for the modern woman, effortless style all day, for work or play.

Este combines design, quality, and function. It is a slim and smart backpack designed for traversing today’s urban environments and fun weekends.

Available on Kickstarter in three different variations: grey cotton tweed with blue leather, denim with cuoio (cognac) leather and black canvas with black leather. 

Nosetta Zaino Backpack madeinitaly
It is manufactured with the same high standards of the previous Nosetta products; handcrafted by third-generation, Italian artisans.
The fabrics are always sourced locally from one of the most prestigious, century-old mills. And the vegetable-tanned leather comes from a historical tannery in Tuscany.
Este has impeccable organization: 5 functional internal pockets and one large open compartment.
It is lightweight and weighs much less than a similar leather bag. And many of our fabrics are water-resistant. Este comes with a natural cotton dust-bag for storage.

nosetta lago di como madeinitaly
And to fully coordinate your Este, there are beautiful add-on accessories.
Since 2018, we've created a strong network of local suppliers. And 1000 customers later we're ready to launch the newest Nosetta, which is am accessory with a global appeal.
Lake Como is a great inspiration to us: Its beauty, traditions, and relaxed lifestyle.

nosetta lago di como ispirazione inspiration
Nosetta is not just our brand, it's our philosophy and a charming neighborhood on the shores of Lake Como.
We started Nosetta to make high-quality, Italian products more accessible. We use the best materials and manufacturing, with partners I've known from my 20 years working in luxury.
And sell directly, at a fraction of the price of traditional designer brands.

Available on Kickstarter from June 1st. Click here


nosetta zaino backpack madeinitaly artisan craftmanship


48 Hours in Florence: Unveiling the Tuscan Treasure
48 Hours in Florence: Unveiling the Tuscan Treasure

May 30, 2024 3 min read

Florence's art and energy seduced us on a quick weekend escape. Palazzo Pitti's masterpieces and Boboli's gardens started the whirl. 
Day two unveiled hidden gems. Piazza della Signoria's iconic art and the serenity of Museo San Marco's frescoes left us breathless. The Mercato Centrale's vibrant chaos and Santa Croce's somber beauty offered contrasting experiences.
A Tuscan Trattoria fare fueled our climb to the Duomo's dome for a final, unforgettable vista. Florence, a captivating blend of art, history, and culture, stole a piece of our hearts. All we needed with us was our Este Backpack in denim with a matching clutchbag.
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Big Apple Takes Notice: Nosetta Becomes a Case Study for NYU Stern!
Big Apple Takes Notice: Nosetta Becomes a Case Study for NYU Stern!

May 20, 2024 2 min read

Nosetta, a responsible luxury handbag brand, is proud to be a case study for NYU Stern's Next Gen Fashion course. This recognition highlights Nosetta's commitment to ethical practices and using the finest Italian materials. The student's recommendations for experiential marketing and leveraging unique materials further strengthen Nosetta's position as a leader in responsible fashion.
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March 20, 2024 2 min read

The denim wallets collection boasts water-repellent fabric for everyday protection and a vegetable-tanned leather interior for a touch of luxury and durability. Combining a classic denim aesthetic with a convenient size, these wallets are perfect for any occasion. Crafted with premium materials and inspired by Lake Como's heritage, Nosetta's denim wallets embody timeless style and relaxed elegance. True quiet luxury.
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