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February 12, 2020 3 min read



"Glamour" journalist, active and passionate about the profession since the 70’s, Serena has now become the "Queen of Fashion" of the Como area, while maintaining an international vision.

For this time, she agreed to be the subject of our interview and to reveal some secrets of a decidedly fascinating activity, worldly and equally characteristic of our territory.

Serena, thank you for welcoming our interview immediately!

You have been an established journalist for years in the field of fashion and costume.

- Would you like to tell us how your adventure in this dynamic and creative profession has begun? What kind of formation did you have?

I graduated in Political Science and immediately afterwards I started collaborating with the newspaper "La Provincia di Como", the first woman to cross a "male enclave".


- Is there a Mantra Phrase that fully reflects your personality or “modus operandi” in journalism?

"Never stop being curious and open to the world". The main qualities of a journalist must be curiosity and flexibility. Ours is an ever-evolving profession in which are required an ongoing training and the willingness to "get your hands dirty".

- What are the most exciting parts of your job?

Being able to get exclusive news! It happened last summer, with the arrival of the Obama’s at Villa Oleandra (Clooney), a “scoop” then taken up by all the newspapers in the world ".

- Has fashion always been your passion? In which way was it corroborated, if it was, by living in the Como textile district?

To be honest, I started writing about fashion by “accident”, replacing a sick colleague.

However, I was very lucky because I was able to experience firsthand the rise of "Made in Italy" and the fact of living in the place where are made the most beautiful fabrics in the world has certainly favored me very much!

-What is your vision for the future and what suggestions would you give to local entrepreneurs?

I believe that even in the current moment of crisis, the winning weapon is having a very high level of creativity.

- What can you tell us about your experiences around the world, with internationally renowned designers? We would like to know an anecdote of your great friendship with Gianni Versace.

I don't remember the year in which Versace paraded the same day as Armani. He called me on the phone asking which collection I liked best. I replied "Armani has outdone himself this time”. Gianni hung the phone in my face but then appreciated the intellectual honesty "

- The must-have item in your wardrobe?

I collect caftans! My favorite garment ever.

- It is certainly a special period in which professionals from various backgrounds are called to a more innovative and "resilient" vision. Is there any project from “La Provincia di Como” that you would like to share with us?

I'd like to promote our local newspaper and our fashion and culture magazine "Tess": always attentive to the innovative realities of the area.

- A Christmas gift that, in your opinion, would be important to give or receive this year?

This year we have more time available, it would be nice to give (or receive) a personalized, unique gift, made especially for us.

- You certainly have a broad and profound vision on current events, would you like to send a positive message to our readers about the historical moment we are experiencing?

Going back to the previous answer, I think that spending a greater amount of time at home can be translated into the opportunity of bringing out the projects that each of us has left in the drawer.

- You were seen walking around Como with your white personalized Celesia. What do you like the most about the bag?

Its customization, precisely "

Would you like to know more about the customization of our accessories?

Discover #MonogramMe, our hand-painted monograms!


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Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn is an Italian researcher and food writer who was born in Como on the shores of the beautiful lake which bears the same name. She earned her degree in Pharmacy at the University of Milan and later moved to Brussels where she received her Master in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research. She worked as a scientist in Belgium and Austria for more than a decade and after returning to Italy, where she shifted her attention to cooking, nutrition and wellness.

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