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December 06, 2019 4 min read




Many times we receive the question on how it is better to combine NOSETTA bags with your outfits. Precisely for this reason we decided to clarify the point by interviewing an image consultant whom we value a lot with whom we have been collaborating for some time: Francesca Irranca.










- Hi Francesca, can you tell us something about yourself?

I am a mix of strength and determination (coming from my Sardinian origins) and romantic style, thanks to the place I have chosen to call home: the Lake Como!

My career has begun with Italian and French companies in the textile sector where I have initially worked as a variantist, until I came to fulfill my dream of working for the Parisian catwalks, as product manager for several Luxury Maisons.

From here was born a great passion for taste, traditions and the search for new styles, which led me to deepen my studies of beauty and fashion at the Komax Academy of Carla Gozzi, and finally address me to the Academy of Luxury of Milan to receive the Certification of Image Consultant and Personal Shopper.

And so, one summer morning, I decided to take a big step and change in my life, starting a profession that I have been pursuing for 8 years: Image consultancy in collaboration with Photographers, Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist between the provinces of Como, Milan and Lugano.

I express my passion trying to enhance the customer, without transforming him but working on the small details. For me, the image is like a treasure chest that holds our soul: through our choices, we tell the world who we are.

- Can you explain more concretely your profession? 

My job is about exploiting the non-verbal communication, that us everything that includes clothing, accessories and bearing, to enhance the strenghts of each client.

- What about your passions outside of work, instead?

I love traveling and doing outdoor activities, in close contact with nature. I have been practicing dance for some years.

 - Do you have a favorite motto phrase?

Not one, but two! The first reads "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones!" by Helena Rubistein, the second is by the famous Coco Chanel "Fashion passes, style remains".

- How do you define elegance?

I believe that elegance is an innate quality that belongs to the individual.
It is an attitude that never fades and is found in the bearing and consequently also on clothes and accessories. Elegance is not tied to an expensive brand: it is best expressed through our education and good taste.


francesca-irranca-fashion consultant-nosetta-bags -elegance 

- Does personality help with your own style?

Of course yes! Personality is a fundamental ingredient to be able to express oneself. When consulting with a professional, different aspects are combined: personality, lifestyle and physicality. We start from these characteristics to find the style that most enhances a person. Subsequently, a search for combinations in which there are peculiarities capable of making the most of what distinguishes us precisely based on personality. For this reason, I strongly believe in the power of accessories, capable of giving the right detail to always remain refined and distinct. 

- Have we already talked about "armocromia" (the harmony of colors)?



It's very simple: everyone has their own color!

A bag, for example, must be purchased on the basis of its palette, so as to facilitate exclusive and suitable combinations for us.

- Is there the right bag for every woman?

Bags are the great passion of all of us women!

There are types of bags that thanks to their characteristics enhance the physicality and style of every woman. In order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to choose a bag considering the model, material and color, even if sometimes it is also a matter of proportions and occasions of use.

The bag for a woman is a fundamental accessory with an unspeakable content, but this does not mean that there aren't small rules to follow to find the perfect bag: large bags for the day and smaller sizes for the evening.
For small girls, a medium / small size is recommended, not too large as it would unbalance the balance. A curvy or tall woman can afford larger bags.

This accessory creates a focal point and attracts the gaze of our interlocutor on the part of the body where it is placed.
It is therefore very important according to your body to know where to place the bag to make it go to balance our proportions and give us a harmonious style.
Furthermore, investing in good materials and their versatility can only play in our favor. Fabric bags, such as cotton, canvas and velvet, are particularly trendy, easy to combine and comfortable for all days. The element of seasonality, when the fabric bag was considered for the sea, has been progressively surpassed for their more ecological content than leather and for the presence of luxury materials.


- What outfit would you recommend to stay at home during the holidays?

My advice is to stay comfortable but in a decent way and, if possible, favoring natural materials such as wool, cashmere and silk.

For the holidays, I like to think about the warmth of affections and reproduce the same warmth within a look, so green light for soft sweaters or velvet suits. Obviously each body will have the right outfit to highlight its strengths. And, I repeat, never forget the accessories: they are our precious allies!






















 - Which bag would you choose as a Christmas gift?

The bag is an ideal gift for any occasion, including Christmas. Personally, I move a lot for work and I need medium-large practical bags that are well organized inside with pockets and compartments. This year my choice fell on the soft bags in Matelassé.

 - What about your favorite Nosetta?

I love the quality of luxury beyond the brand name. In Nosetta I have found several fantastic materials that communicate a refined elegance. Last summer I pampered myself with a Herringbone Cotton / Linen Crossbody. In winter I usually need a bigger bag and I chose the Carlia small tote with shoulder strap in that beautiful warm plum velvet. 


For those interested in learning more directly, you can write to:



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