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February 09, 2023 3 min read

The Tote bag is every woman's must have. It is the bag par excellence. It is useful for those who are used to spending the whole day outside and juggling work, home and various commitments and therefore need to have many accessories with them.
Even literally it means the "bag to carry". The characteristic that defines them is the opening of the upper part and the two handles, comfortable to be carried on the shoulder. Originally the tote was the most basic bag of all from a technical point of view, it consisted of a single panel of material stitched along three sides to form a bag, completed by the handles. Over the years the design has become more refined and sophisticated.

In the 1930s, totes began to be used as a stylish accessory for women. These early fashion totes were often made from fabrics such as straw, raffia, or canvas and were decorated with embroidery, beads, or other embellishments. These bags were often referred to as "beach bags" or "market bags" and were used for carrying items such as towels and sunscreen to the beach or groceries from the market.

totebag tote bag shopper 1940

Iconic Maine-based L. L. Bean developed the very popular ice bag in 1944. It was a large, sturdy, durable canvas bag to carry ice from the car to the freezer.

llbean totebag shopper tote

Only in 1950s, totes became even more popular as a fashion accessory. Many luxury brands began to create totes made from high-quality materials such as leather, and decorated with designer hardware, prints, and other embellishments. These bags were often referred to as "shopping bags" or "carryalls" and were used for carrying items such as books, wallets, and other everyday essentials.
In the 60s Bonnie Cashin, American designer, created for Coach the bag we know today with elegant lines, without sacrificing practicality. This model of bag was extremely popular in those years. Very wealthy ladies who were lucky enough to own a yacht were big fans of this bag but they weren't the only ones to enjoy this comfortable accessory. Door-to-door newspaper sellers also used them, and over time all American wives wanted one, making it an indispensable thing for every woman. The housewives preferred it to other bags for its elegance and comfort and precisely with this revolutionary consideration of the bag, the tote bag became a true icon of style and the fight for the environment.

bonnie cashion totebag toe shopper american designer

The Tote Bag achieved its maximum success, and then the definitive consecration in 1984 thanks to the executive chief of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas who created a more capacious and elegant version of the tote bag. It is said that on a Paris-London flight with the British actress and singer Jane Birkin, at the time she was a young mother, she complained to her companion about the little space in her bag. This is exactly how Dumas' brilliant intuition arrives, to create a practical and roomy bag but also elegant, feminine and luxurious, a bag with the aim of containing everything necessary and at the same time refined to get noticed.

birkin bag grace kelly totebag shopper

Grace Kelly with her Hermes Birkin 

Over the years, the fame of this simple and versatile model has never stopped. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull became the reference of everyday luxury.

For us, at Nosetta, tote bags are the foundation of the brand. It is the accessory that characterizes the Italian lifestyle and must be celebrated with refined elegance. We celebrate it offering several version always in exclusive fabrics.  

To take a trip or to add a more refined touch to a look, the tote bag will never go out of style.

nosetta celesia cotton tweed totebag tote shopper shoulderbag



December 27, 2022 3 min read

We love the holidays and we love the good cuisine. When we had the opportunity to meet of the most famous pastry chefs of Lake Como, Alessandro Fontanella, we had to interview him and ask for a special recipe for this time of the year.

Discovering his creative process was another gem of the meeting.

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nosetta houndstooth bag

November 10, 2022 2 min read

Refined and elegant fabric that never goes out of style. The two-tone pattern of the pied-de-poule is based on the repetition of broken and elongated squares that create a strong optical effect, combining two parts of different colors. 

Created by sheperds, became famous with royalty. 

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Nosetta x Lake Como Design Festival 2022: the journey of an oversize clutchbag.
Nosetta x Lake Como Design Festival 2022: the journey of an oversize clutchbag.

September 12, 2022 1 min read

We can finally announce Nosetta's collaboration with Lake Como Design Festival, which led to the creation of a brand new limited edition clutch bag.

This year's theme is neo-nomadism, that's why we decided to make a clutch bag, an accessory for a modern "unstable" traveller, created to contain the essential elements of their world, both physical and digital.

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